Three Comics after Savannah Pride

Cartoon with lines 'you don't have to like my gender identity. But if you don't respect it you don't respect me.'
Source: Justin Hubbell

Went to local pride for the first time. It was a bit like this. Took it on myself to give away all the church’s macarons so they didn’t have three dozen sugar-almond bombs for coffee hour this morning. Kindly read the full comic by Justin Hubbell.

The gender playbook was worth reading.

Cartoon: 'They are trans, a fact we hide until we can't  anymore.' Below image: I paint my nails violet before I go to pride today.'
Source: chaos life

Another great comic, “hide” at chaos life. Read the full comic, this is just a preview.

xkcd cartoon about languages
source: xkcd

xkcd summarizes how I feel about language-checking. “I assume you’re giving me tips on how you interpret words because you want me to feel less alone. If so, then thank you. That means a lot. But if you’re just running my sentences past some mental checklist so you can show off how well you know it, then I could care less.”