Wishlist: Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

On my wishlist for a while, now a next-payday purchase.

Twenty years ago, Aral and Oliver fell in love. We’ve known that Aral was bisexual throughout the series, but it was always something from his fairly distant past. Turns out that Aral, Oliver, and Cordelia formed an unconventional kind of marriage for two decades, an open secret among their closest colleagues, but still forbidden by the social norms of Barrayar. So yeah, that happened.

Time to try the Vorkosigan Saga—you’ve never read science fiction like this

Aral Vorkosigan has always been on my list of disappointments, largely because of Cordelia’s response “was bisexual, now he’s monogamous” in the second book of the series. Bujold moved on with other LGBT characters, including Bel Thorne as one of my favorites. But that was an unfortunate clunker of a line in an otherwise great series. Bujold had the same relationship style in the background o Chalion. It’s nice to revisit those themes again to see what she plans to do with them.