American Truck Simulator: First Looks


American Truck Simulator (ATS) went live a few days ago, and I broke my general rule about not buying games on release day. SCS generally offers reasonably good service and abundant updates, and it was only $20.

It’s a lot like European Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) with some updated mechanics and Americanized scenery. The ATS assets are an evolution beyond what you get out of a vanilla ETS2 game. ATS shipped with only two truck models due to the chicken/egg issue of vehicle licensing. SCS’s ambitious plan is to expand from California across the entire United States and over all of North America. ETS2 has been very good at updates and expansions pitched at a relatively reasonable cost, in contrast to notorious issues of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Train Simulator where you can easily stack up over a thousand dollars in vehicle and map DLC.

Vehicle and scenic models are a mix of the contemporary and retro. One other review compared ATS to fallout in that respect. The mix saves ATS from stepping on trademarks like McDonald’s, Burger King, or Krispy Kreme.