Martha Wash

This is not the woman who recorded those vocals.

A must-read article. Martha Wash: The Most Famous Unknown Singer of the ’90s Speaks Out. Wash contributed lead vocals for some of the top hits of the 1990s, along with perennial favorite “It’s Raining Men.” However she was often unpaid, denied credit, and impersonated by paid models. Also scummy, she often told she was doing final vocals in studio.

According to Wash, she was paid a flat fee to record demos to be presented to other singers. Instead, the producers included her vocals on nearly every song on Black Box’s debut album Dreamland, including future hits “Everybody Everybody,” “I Don’t Know Anybody Else,” “Fantasy” and “Strike It Up.” Wash was never credited in the album’s liner notes. While none of the producers in Black Box publicly said why Quinol was used as the face of Black Box in videos over Wash, it wasn’t hard to figure out. When Dreamland was released in May 1990, the cover featured a crouching Quinol, clad in a cropped jacket and mini skirt, showing off her toned legs and staring longingly. …

“I was told it was going to be a demo for another singer,” Wash says of “Gonna Make You Sweat.” It wasn’t. In October 1990, the group released the song and subsequent video, featuring the band’s other singer, Zelma Davis, lip-syncing Wash’s vocals.