Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology, Edited by Sfé R. Monster


I donated money to the kickstarter for this project. It’s a nice volume covering a range of sexual identity and ethnicity. As with any anthology, not every story worked for me. But a fair number of them did. My one complaint is that more stories could have used a title or splash page. I think some stories would have benefited from being shown in color, although the budget might not have allowed that.

I’m just highlighting some of my favorite stories below. The rest are still worth reading.

Gabby Reed and Rachel Dukes, “Luminosity”

A short story about human-powered spaceflight. It left me wanting a few pages more to flesh out the story.

Comic art of knight riding a fantastic creature.

Niki Smith, “Islet”

A magical soldier living in exile on a salt-water islet prepares to leave her family on a quest. Smith manages to build the world, the conflict, and characters in the brief space of the story.

Comic art of a woman receiving a tattoo having a discussion about going on a journey.

Reed Black, “Of Families & Other Magical Objects”

I’m a sucker for a good classic fairy tale changeling abduction. This story provides a nice bit of whimsy in a modern cartoon style.

Comic art of two male parents fighting off magic bugs.

Janeka Stotts and Christine Goureau, “A Royal Affair”

Space pirates and gender-bending royalty. Wonderful art on this caper.

Comic art of a regent meeting a pirate.

Ted Adrien Closson, “The Graves of Wolves”

An apocalyptic story within a story. The art highlights the strangeness of the world described.

Comic art of a man telling his alien son about the war.

Shing Yin Khor, “Duty and Honor”

Polyamory, the pressures of the professional closet, and mars. I wish this one was in color.

Comic art of three people discussing a polyamorous romantic relationship.

Jon Cairns, “Type O Supergiant”

Post-human cyborg men explore the universe with entire stars folded into the spacetime of their ships.

Comic art of a male cyborg interfaced to a starship computer

Kori Michelle Handwerker, “Mourning Tea”

This is another one I would like to see in color. A short and sweet ghost story.

Comic art showing an agender person serving an owl spirit as a customer at a tea shop.