Link Roundup: Cybersex, Concordia University, and Halsey

I Was a Teenage Lesbian Cybersex Junkie discusses online roleplay and relationships as a part of coming out. I admit that many of my first relationships when I came out in the 1990s were virtual.

A Condorida University student was asked to resign from a campus ministry group after discussing her bisexuality and same-sex relationship on facebook.

Musician Halsey profiled by the Advocate:

“I definitely have a responsibility, because it is something that is not considered,” Halsey continues, recalling that the music video for her first major single (and crowd favorite) “Ghost” features a woman as her love interest. “When I put out a video of me in a relationship with a woman, most of the reaction was, ‘But you have a boyfriend, so that means you’re sexualizing it.’ There’s not just me being straight and me being a lesbian. The fact that you didn’t even consider the option that I might be bisexual means that we’re not talking about this enough.”