Captain America: Civil War

So I’ve been a bit skeptical of this whole premise. The original was based on a case example of why time travel creates a big storytelling problem. Days of Future Past was a brilliant story but created a bleeding wound of an apocalyptic prophesy that everyone and their uncle had to stick their fingers into. Super-powered mutants will inspire a super-powered security state to exterminate them. Since multiple characters experienced this reality, scripts needed to explain how this terrible term of events came about.

In the comics, the events of Civil War unfolded because the super-intelligent Reed Richards went stupid over Isaac Asimov, and saw mandatory registration as the equivalent to Foundation. I suppose a kinder interpretation is that mutants were Reed Richards’s climate change. And actually having superheros address the apocalypse staring us in the face would be an interesting story for once guys.

But anyway… Things quickly spun out of control culminating in the assassination of Captain America, (really, honestly, we really do mean it this time, no takebacks, he’s really dead, trust us.) The whole affair soured me on reading Marvel (again), and I’ve only dipped my toes with Ms. Marvel in the last year.

Rights to X-Angst ended up at Fox, along with Fantastic Four and the inexplicably dumb Reed Richards. No mutants means no time-travel apocalypse (or Apocalypse.) No apocalypse means no Read Richards demanding massive social change because of higher math and Asimov. No massive social change means that the Marvel Cinema Universe can focus on what’s really important:

Cap/Bucky/Falcon slash!