Games I’m Playing This Month

Since I can’t seem to make the time to dive deep into analysis of any one game.

Invisible Inc.

I’m a sucker for a GOG sale and alternatives to the usual RPG model of killing everything on the map to get from one side to the other. There’s not much story here, and the story cues seem a bit inconsistent. Is Invisible Inc. a freelance operation or a rebellion? This turn-based game centers on a combination of hacking and terrain-based stealth to solve missions. The use of violence against guards is strictly limited and has consequences for solving the level.

Baldur’s Gate, Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II, Enhanced Edition

It seems time to revisit these classics. I don’t know that BG has aged well. Characters scale from insta-death weaklings to God-like omnipotence at the end of the saga. BG in particular puts a lot of stuff between the prologue and the meat of chapter 1.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong

I feel like I can’t quite get my thoughts together on storytelling in Hong Kong or Shadowrun as cyberpunk science fantasy. Something that sticks out is how Spider Shen may or may not be a genderqueer NPC, depending on how you interpreted the various cues. I’ve not quite gotten all the way through the Dragonfall director’s cut after playing the original twice.

Torchlight II

Torchlight II is a bit of a popcorn game for me. It’s light enough to munch on in a half-hour while dinner is cooking.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

ETS2 is another popcorn game. No plot, no problem, and there’s something relaxing about the perfect delivery.