Since the puppy story won’t die …

  • Yes, I’m an evil SJW SF&F fan who primarily reads feminist and lgbt-focused stories. It’s my dime and my hour.
  • Yes, that includes a fair number of “message stories.”
  • No, Ancillary Justice wasn’t one of them. For contrast, read Rupetta which tells you its feminist philosophy up front, and then uses it to tear apart both history and transhumanism.
  • Of course, that would mean actually reading both a moderately feminist Ancillary Justice and a more radically feminist Rupetta.
  • That Justice won a Hugo and Rupetta a Tiptree is a good sign that both awards do different things.
  • No, I don’t think a campaign that included carpetbagging and smearing voters deserves an apology for NO AWARD and jeers.
  • I really don’t care if Card, Correia, or Butcher are on the NYT best-seller lists. Card, Day, and Wright have called for boycotts of my movies, comics, and books in contrast.

Side thought of the night: Fluid and nonbinary gender cultures have previously been featured on Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: DS9. Why don’t joined Trill have their own nonbinary pronouns and forms of address reflecting their elite status within their society? Why do Founders and Jem’Hadar have gendered pronouns?